Wait On God!

Who would would have thought a meek little girl, daughter of a bootlegger, single mother statistically classified as poverty stricken, and woman on her death bed not knowing when her last breath would be, would against all odds develop the courage to withstand all adversity and opposition and become whom we know today as Bishop Mary V Baxter? This ultra dynamic woman of God is truly like none other! On the surface you would not know that she carries such power, totally operating through the five fold ministry. In the natural she is extremely soft spoken, humble, and very down to earth and in a crowd, you may even pass her by…….however let’s not be mistaken! In the supernatural she carries an extraordinary annointing.

This woman, through the power of God has literally laid hands and people have been healed, touched barren wombs and woman have given birth, spoken to broken marriages and families have been restored. Outside of traveling the nation to preach and teach the unadulterated truth and word of God, Bishop Baxter is the Pastor and founder of two churches (Greater Life Tabernacle of Praise located in Raleigh, NC and Higher Call Ministries located in Tarboro, NC) as well as the overseer of several ministries both domestically and internationally. In addition, “Bishop” is the mother of four, and foster parent/ spiritual mother of many. Some say that she has an angelic like persona. At first glance Bishop Baxter is one of the most humble, soft spoken, and mild mannered people you would ever want to meet. However let’s not get that mistaken, because supernaturally, this woman is a POWER-HOUSE and as she would put it “ain’t scared of no devil”.

When it comes to the things of God Bishop Baxter is very no-nonsense. Putting God first, holiness, and being totally sold out for the Lord is what “Bishop” lives and teaches. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the teaching of someone who holds no bars, one who is real, one who believes in saving souls & delivering God’s people……Bishop Mary Baxter is that one! This page only gives a glimpse/ appetizer of the dynamics of the ministry within this woman of God. However, even in this small taste, your life will be forever changed. Feel free to leave messages, comments, and even prayer request and know that they will not go unwarranted. God Bless you today and forevermore.

P.S. Know that any concerns you have, make them known unto the Lord, and out of your obedience, there will be not one good thing that he will withold from you. God is not a God that he should lie and he has to perform his word….even unto the ends of this earth………. Wait on God!


~ by bishopmarybaxterministries on September 25, 2008.

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